vince2American Suspension was founded in 1997 by a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and racer. The founder, Vince Costa, has been involved in motorcycle suspension for over 40 years. First as a racer (winning in the California state formula 1 and 750 championships), then as a racing suspension tuner, and finally as the founder of the American Suspension company. Vince has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of California and contributes to the design and manufacturing of after market motorcycle parts for American Suspension.

  • 1990

    Invented Hydraulic Shock Absorber with external valving (US Patent 4,936,424)
    hydraulicshock4 hydraulicshock3 hydraulicshock2 hydraulicshock
  • 1994

    Developed lightweight Gun System using shock absorbers (US patent 5,531,150) gun3 gun4  
  • 1997

    American Suspension is founded in Campbell California by Vince Costa, a former 1985 Formula 1 and 750 champion.
  • 1998

    American Suspension creates a revolutionary new front ride height and preload adjuster, (US Patent 6,520,524). Designs the first Inverted Fork - Single Side Swing Arm Chopper. The Bike built by Mike Maldonado becomes the prototype for the Florida Chopper style that dominates the next 10 years. Frontride2 Frontride4
  • 1999

    Both Boss Hoss and the forerunner of V8 Choppers use the B-17 fork to radically improve the ride and handling of power crazed V8 motorcycles. bosshoss
  • 2002

    American Suspension creates through shaft dampener for softail (US Patent 7,017,893) shaftdampener shaftdampener2
  • 2003

    American Suspension releases the Smooth top Tree (US Patent D544,818)
    Forktree2 Forktree3
  • 2004

    American Suspension creates integrated brake line fork (US Patent 7,565,955 and 7,497,307). American Suspension creates triple tree incorporating brake lines, (US Patent 7,497,307)
    BrakeLineFork1 BrakeLineFork2
  • 2005

    American Suspension creates the D-66 Spring Fork (US Patent 7,441,622 and D542,718 and D548650)
    Springer1 Springer3
  • 2007

    American Suspension creates aftermarket bagger fork leg. American Suspension begins tests on a Bolt on Neck Rake kit. American Suspension patents the Bat wing tree (US Patent D541,197).
  • 2008

    American Suspension creates Day Dream Garage, (c)2008
  • 2011

    American Suspension creates worlds first single side fork with integral brake and internal steering, (Winner American Chopper build off).
  • 2012

    American Suspension creates Air piston Fork, (Pending) 41Aairpiston2
  • 2014

    American Suspension releases their Bolt on neck kit for baggers (US Patent 9079631) roadglide
  • 2015

    American Suspension creates slip fit wedge kit. 30-NoSidePlate3
  • 2016

    American Suspension creates advanced shock absorber design. American Suspension creates triple adjustable 49mm adjustable cartridge.